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I’m a 27 years old Brazilian Journalist, IT Technician, and Media Scholar living in Berlin.

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Master in Media Science
since october 2015 (in progress)

Logo: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

The Department of Media Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin focuses on apprenticeship of techno-epistemic media literacy, which involves theory, practice and archeology of the media. Knowledge in media’s systems, history, economy and dramaturgie are conveyed as well.

Logo: Deutscher Bundestag

This master program requires the acquisition of specialized skills and professionally-oriented training. Due to this I completed a six-week internship (March and April 2016) at the Press Division of the German Parliament.

Bachelor in Media and Communication with emphasis Journalism
march 2010 — july 2015

Logo: UFMG

The study of Media and Communication at the Federal University of Minas Gerais offered me flexible qualifications in journalism, advertising and public relations. As required specialisation I chose journalism. Nevertheless, the broad spectrum of study makes it possible to work in different areas, regardless of the chosen focus.

Logo: Augsburg University

The UFMG offers a scholarship to study abroad, which is funded by the government. Having taught me German in 5 months myself, I was selected to spend two semesters studying political science (2013 to 2014) at the Augsburg University.

Information Systems Technician
march 2005 — december 2008

Logo: JK

The course at the Technical School Juscelino Kubitscheck provided knowledge in programming technology, programming languages, applied informatics, data analysis, databases and computer networks.

Other competences

Spoken languages

Brazilian flag Brazilian Portuguese - Native proficiency

German flag German - Fluent in speech and writing

British flag English - Advanced

Spanish flag Spanish - Basic knowledge

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word, Excel und Powerpoint (very good)

Programming languages

Python (good)

Javascript (basics)

PHP, Java & Actionscript (basics)

Adobe Package

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign (very good)

Adobe Premiere, After Effects (good)



Along with visiting great education instutions, I've already gathered 10 years of professional and academic experience.

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Work Experience

Curator and WorPress Front End Developer
at Westprezz

11. 2017 - Present
Berlin, Germany
Journalistic content curation, focused on the most relevant contemporary thinkers, and WordPress front end development.

at taz, die Tageszeitung

01. 2018 - 04. 2018
Berlin, Germany
Conception, planning, organization, supervision and moderation of various events that took place during the taz lab on April 21 in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Writing articles for the online and print editions of taz and the blog of taz lab

Business Development Assistent
at Videobeat Networks

03. 2017 - 06. 2017
Berlin, Germany
General assistence for business development strategies in German, French, British and American context. Planning and execution of e-mail marketing campaigns in all four countries.

Student Assistant
at Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society

08. 2016 - 03. 2017
Berlin, Germany
Pre-production, shooting and post - production of short films for the Initiative "mid-sized business 4.0", which was launched by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. Support of the "Internet-based innovation" team in various research and media-related activities.

at Radio UFMG Educativa 104,5 FM

01. 2015 - 05.2016
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Investigation for and production of reports in diverse editorials. Coverage of scientific events, legislative activities, press conferences and much more. Beginning on October 2015, I reported important events in Germany as international correspondent.

at the PR agency "Integratio Mediação Social e Sustentabilidade"

03. 2011 - 11. 2015
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Development of graphic and digital solutions from concepts of Advertising and Public Relations for the projects for social mediation and sustainability, for which the agency is responsible. From March to December 2010 I worked as an employee.

Research assistant
at the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq)

09. 2008 - 02. 2010
Belo Horizonte and Vale do Jequitinhonha, Brazil
Scientific cooperation for studies about "Youth, Media and Social Mobilization" supervised by Professor Dr. Márcio Simeone Henriques.

Graphic designer
at the studio for advertising and marketing of the Federal University of Minas Gerais

05. 2011 - 02. 2012
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Support in the development of an institutional proposal for the revitalization of the river basin "Das Velhas".

at Acticon Tecnologia

09. 2008 - 02. 2010
Ipatinga, Brazil
Consulting, plan and design of web pages for state and public institutions.

Informatic teacher
at Impacto Informática

04. 2008 - 09. 2008
Ipatinga, Brazil
Preparation and execution of professional courses with the topics typescript, Microsoft Office, Corel Draw and Adobe package for persons from 13 to 45 years old.

Volunteer Experience

at Projeto compaixão

09. 2014 - 12. 2014
Favela Aglomerado da Serra, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Direction of a workshop on audiovisual narrative, in which kids were encouraged to explore the possibilities of the photographic gaze through the video recording of situations and locations of their daily lives. From this a film about the Favela da Serra Aglomerado was recorded.

Research assistant
at the Federal University of Minas Gerais

06. 2011 - 07. 2012
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Voluntary participation in the Group "Tramas Comunicaciones: Narrativa e Experiência" as well as the publication of studies on the topic "Media and corruption" with Professor Dr. Bruno Souza Leal.



My job goes beyond having creative ideas. It is also turning them into products as efficient as possible.

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Graphic and Web Designs


Wenn Maschinen berichten

Historisch gesehen ist Journalismus seit jeher von Technologie geprägt. Aber wohin führt uns die algorithmische Textproduktion? Eine Diskussion auf dem taz lab.< read this article >

„Sexarbeit ist wirklich Arbeit“

2007 nahm Lady Velvet Steel erstmals eine Peitsche für Geld in die Hand. Heute verrät sie Subtilitäten ihrer Arbeit als Domina. < read this article >

Nicht beherrschen lassen

In letzter Zeit mal offline gewesen? Wem keine Alternativen zu Computerspielen und sozialen Netzwerken einfallen, der sollte sich Gedanken über seinen Medienkonsum machen. Andreas Pauly berät Jugendliche und Familien, bei denen das Netz ein Problem ist. < read this article >

Sind wir alle eins?

During the World Cup reigns not only on the day of the semi-finals Brazil vs Germany a so called state of exception in Belo Horizonte. The opinion essay was published in "ecke: sócrates", an german online journal for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. < read this opinion essay >

Radio reports


Referendum on permanence in the European Union shows a divided United Kingdom, and generates repercussions on the continent.

Os mineiros e a ciência

Science and Technology: Research shows that people of the State of Minas Gerais are interested on scientific production, but have poor access to such information.

Amistoso na Alemanha é cancelado

Atmosphere settled in Europe after attacks in Paris led to the cancellation of a friendly match in Hannover, Germany. Check out the repercussions of the event in the German media.

Betim pela paz

According the Prefecture of City of Betim the number of homicides in the city grew 70% between 2000 and 2014. To act on preventing violence and reducing impunity the municipal district launched the Public Security Plan "Betim for Peace"

Juventude à Margem

Since 1993 the Brazilian Congress has accumulated over 60 proposals aiming punishment for young transgressors. In 2015 the debate about reducing the age of criminal responsibility came again to the Legislative. However, the debate did not examine and clarify the operation of the existing punitive model, which has an educational proposal. Motivated by this underexplored debate, I drew up and published a series of five reports about the tensions related to punishment and accountability of juveniles in conflict with the law.

academic papers

The influence of knowledge (and power) on communication networks

Considering the changes that language and knowledge have undergone in recent times, this essay proposes to analyze the implications of the following question: to which extend does the Internet contribute to the democratization of the media? Considering its historical development, as well as other means of communication such as radio, telegraph and telephone, we attempt to understand how "modern knowledge" (and some "relations of power") influence on journalism as an important center of intellectual production. Thus, based on a previous study about the implications of the journalistic speech in cyberspace, it´s possible to come back to this question and faces the problematic issues it suggests.

< see more >
Strategic communication and social mobilization: The experience of young people from the middle Vale do Jequitinhonha in search of the right to the city”

Social mobilization as a process of organization and active participation in issues of collective interest, essentially involves communicative operations - for depending on an intense intersubjective sharing of ideas and values, and also for its potential to call new subjects to join its causes. Based on dates obtained in a research that focuses on the mapping of collectives made up by juveniles between the age of 14 and 25 years from cities in the region of the middle Vale do Jequitinhonha, this essay analyzes the involvement and public expression of juvenile groups on matters of their home cities. Causes proposed by these collectives (institutionalized or not) are investigated and the way these issues receive a public dimension in attempt to produce changes in society.

< see more >
The resignification of happenings: Corruption in debate

This essay aims to observe how one occurrence can set different happenings, as long as they can be “resignified” for diverse “narrative understandings”. Based on the comments of users of the “Blog do Noblat” about the corruption scandal involving Demóstenes Torres and Carlos Cachoeira, we demonstrate that a text by itself is insufficient to produce a meaning, once every story depends on an external agent who gives life to it: the reader.

< see more >

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